Friday, January 8, 2010

Camp reflection lol

1.the 3 things i learnt from the camp.
1.That working in a team then will we be able to achieve big things
2.Nothing is impossible when we work as a team.
3.We must trust each other.
2.How can this points help me?
They allow me to trust my team members without any problem and thus we can do things as a team easily.
3.If i were to have another chance to try all the activities which one would i choose?Why?
I think it was the buiding the raft part. Although it was quite hard to finish within the given time, we all helped each other. It was fun as we bonded as contributed ideas and helped with the building.
4.If there was one thing i would want to change about myself what would it be.
I would want to change my laziness as i don't really like to do things as in building and stuff. But through the camp i learnt that i must play my part in helping the team if not the team would not be able to complete the mission. I must not make the team lose because of my lazy attitude.

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