Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hope school was like 1day more ..... so sian at home everyday face facebook...haiz


Got ranted by my father again... always asking me stupid questions

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my room

Today juz cleaned my room.... take such a long time... from morning to afternoon.......then i abt 10 then bathe nia.....

Friday, December 25, 2009

mii frenz

Mii frenz from penang juz when home today :'(...... So fun playing with them... We went singapore zoo, snow city, sentosa, ate steamboat, went to countdown party at orchard...... Hope they can come again..... Then we go PLAY! I wan2 go penang find them :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mac Book

YES!!!! i finally got my apple mac book!!!!! so happy lol...... Damn nice

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i go download the w3k game but everytime when it reaches 99% it will stop downloading and cause my whole internet to fail..... Sad

Mario DS

If u play mario on DS, this is a way of getting 99 lives without using cheats.
Go to world 4-2 whr there is a pipe with walking bombs dropping out. Bomb the metal wall until there is something like this [_________]. Then take a koopa shell and toss it into the pit. make sure that the bombs are coming down into the pit. W8 and see what happens.
Note: when the time reaches 100, rush to the finish flag. You can come back and do it again. Hope i helped.

FaceBook Games

If you are running out of FaceBook Games to play, leave me a comment and check daily. I play rock riot, cute cube and somemore but i cant remember.


My friend melissa's hamster Squeaky died today when she came home after a holiday at bangkok... Poor Squeaky......
Ps:mel if u see this no hard feelings.....-_-ll


On 19 dec or 21 dec i will b going to the movies with my friends to watch ZOMBIELAND. On 21 dec my whole class will be going to East Coast Beach. My teacher Miss Asma bring us go... Looking forward to the outings!

How to change the background or w/e

I don't noe how to so those that noe pls help me tq.

Bowling with friends!

Today was fun and tiring coz i went to Safra Yishun with my friends: Sandy, Li Min, Jia Jing and Man Yee. We had bowled for 3 rounds and stopped coz it was expensive and it was not like we were rich kids. So, Jia Jing suggested we go to the arcade and play. I was quite scared coz my dad will 'kill' me if he found out that i went to the arcade. We played a few game like bishy bashy, daytona USA, basketball and ferrari racing. Then i started to feel bored and suggested to go and play pool. We played 4 rounds. I won and lose. 1W3L... Coz jj taller ma... I was at a disadvantage... At least i won ONCE. Then we when home by bus.. I reached home my dad checked how much money i left- abt $10..... He say i keep going into the gutter wasting my money. I beg to differ. I don't mind going into the gutter as long i am happy. Even if i strike but am not happy, what's the use? Some ppl juz don understand...

Last time's blogs

Last time i cr8ed so many blogs.... But all i forgot the password-_-ll . But this blog confirm won't forget de! Coz i wrote the password on notebook... Lol. Those have my blog please tag me, tq.